Monday, March 30, 2015

Pearl of Wisdom/Perle der Weisheit

The most profound way to connect your body soul with your mind is to chant the mantra:
I love you, you love me, we are one, we are one.
Visualize your body soul and your mind sitting on a big white lotus flower in your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is radiating golden light.
Chant this mantra at least for 10 - 15 min. and experience the shift in your frequency and vibration.
This is an ideal warm up for your spiritual practices to quiet your mind down. Doing this your soul will be in charge. Your body soul and your mind will communicate in harmony. Try and enjoy this profound connection!

Die tiefgreifendste Methode Deine Körperseele mit Deinem Geist zu verbinden ist das Mantra:
Ich liebe Dich, Du liebst mich, wir sind eins, wir sind eins.
Visualisiere Deine Körperseele und Deinen Geist, die auf einer großen weißen Lotusblüte in Deinem Herz-Chakra sitzen. Dein Herz-Chakra erstrahlt in goldenem Licht.
Chante dieses Mantra für mindestens 10-15 min. und erlebe die Veränderung in Deiner Frequenz und Schwingung. Dies ist eine ideale Aufwärmphase für Deine spirituellen Übungen, um Deinen Geist zu beruhigen. Wenn Du dies machst, wird die Seele die Führung übernehmen. Deine Körperseele und Dein Geist werden harmonisch miteinander kommunizieren. Versuch's und genieße diese tiefgreifende Verbindung!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pearl of Wisdom/Perle der Weisheit

Open your soul, heart and mind to allow the souls connected to you to come to you, without fear and anxiety. This is true love, forgiveness and compassion. Meditation in the condition of forgiveness is a true calling. You gather souls who could have played key roles on our soul journey. This is the  most profound way to communicate space and time. This is the fastest way to initiate life transformation. This is the power of forgiveness. This is the significance of soul communication. Practice with my recordings!

Öffne Deine Seele, Herz und Geist und erlaube es den Seelen, mit denen Du verbunden bist, zu Dir zu kommen, ohne Furcht und Angst. Das ist wahre Liebe, Vergebung und Mitgefühl.Meditation im Zustand der Vergebung ist ein wahrhafter Aufruf. Du versammelst Seele, die entscheidende Rollen auf Deiner Seelenreise gespielt haben. Dies ist die tiefgründigste Methode der Kommunikation jenseits von Zeit und Raum. Dies ist der schnellste Weg, um Lebenstransformation zu bewirken. Dies ist die Kraft der Vergebung. Dies ist die Bedeutung der Seelenkommunikation. Übe mit meinen Aufzeichnungen!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pearl of Wisdom/Perle der Weisheit

The  highest form of soul communication is forgiveness practice. It's deeply purifying, very powerful, and when you enter the condition of uplifted awareness, it will open your spiritual channels. Practice and gain virtue to transform your relationship with yourself and souls you are connected with. Practice with my recordings!

Die höchste Form der Seelenkommunikation ist die Vergebungsübung. Sie ist zutiefst reinigend, sehr kraftvoll, und wenn Du in den Zustand einer erhöhten Wahrnehmung übergehst, wird sie Deine spirituellen Kanäle öffnen. Übe und erhalte Tugend, um Deine Beziehung mit Dir selbst und den Seelen zu transformieren, mit denen Du verbunden bist. Übe mit meinen Aufzeichnungen!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is Soul Communication? - A Short Introduction to Profound Healing, Blessings and Guidance- Part 3 Third Eye Channel

Many spiritual practices focus on opening the Third Eye which is the third spiritual channel. Today, I am sharing a little bit more about this very special spiritual channel. The Third Eye is the energy center and channel that receives information and messages through images from the Soul World. It is a cherry-sized energy center located in the brain in the area of the pineal gland. To receive images of and from the Soul World is a very special gift and treasure. You may see Holy Saints, Buddhas, angels and more. You may see the Divine.

The key to opening the Third Eye is to have a strong and powerful Kundalini. The Kundalini is a foundational energy center located in the lower back, slightly above and in front of the tailbone. Kundalini energy feeds and nourishes the Third Eye. In ancient Chinese wisdom this very special energy center named the Snow Mountain Area. This is a Buddhist term. In Taoist teaching it is named the golden urn. In yoga it is named Kundalini. In traditional Chinese medicine it is named the Ming Men area. Ming means life, Men means gate. "Ming Men" means Life Gate. 

So, first let us locate the Kundalini which is the Ming Men area. Here is how to find it: 
Make a straight line from your navel directly to your back. Divide this line in three equal parts. Go back two-thirds of the way from your navel and then go down 2.5 cun (one cun equals the width of the thumb joint)

The Power and Significance of the Kundalini are as follows:
  • Kundalini is the key energy center for nourishing the kidneys
  • Kundalini provides energy food for the brain and the third eye
  • Kundalini is a center for rejuvenation and longevity 
  • Kundalini is a pre-natal energy center 
here is a practice to help you develop your Kundalini and i am honored to lead you through it. 

Body Power: Sit up straight. Close your eyes. Place the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth. Place one palm over the navel and the other over your kundalini. 

Soul Power: Say hello:
Dear Soul Mind Body of my Kundalini.
I love you
You have the power to nourish my kidneys; brain and Third Eye; rejuvenate my soul, heart, mind, and body; and prolong my life.
Do a good job
Thank you

Dear Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you. 
Please come to my kundalini to develop my kundalini.
I am extremely grateful. 
Please offer my kundalini a soul healing blessings as appropriate
Thank you 

Mind Power: Visualize Divine Love Peace Harmnoy Rainbow Light Ball rotating in your kundalini and radiating rainbow coloured light to your kidneys, spinal cord, brain, and Third Eye.  

Soul Power: chant silently or aloud

Develop my kundalini, thank you. Develop my kundalini, thank you. 
Develop my kundalini, thank you. Develop my kundalini, thank you.

Dear Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball, boosts my kundalini power thank you.
Dear Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball, boosts my kundalini power thank you.
Dear Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball, boosts my kundalini power thank you.
Dear Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball, boosts my kundalini power thank you.

Chant for 15 mins.

Here is a beautiful blessing from Master Sha to help us open our third eye channels further. I love Master Sha's soul songs blessings, they fill me up with such joy, happiness and a sense of purpose. 
The purpose is to serve.

I look forward to sharing more practices with you as well as profound personal experiences with my own spiritual channels. if you enjoyed this blog please leave me your valuable feedback

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bring Out Your Soul Language With 3396815

What is soul language?

Soul language is the very specific language of our soul. Our soul has reincarnated for hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. Soul language carries the highest frequency and vibration of a soul. It also carries the soul healing powers of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. It is a universal language that allows all souls to communicate with each other.

Why do we benefit from soul language?

Soul language offers us the highest wisdom our soul has acquired over all of these lifetimes. Our soul wisdom and knowledge remain largely hidden. Soul language gives us access to our own soul intelligence and soul healing power

How do we bring out our soul language?

We apply a divine sacred code – 3396815 – which was given by the Divine to Dr. and Master Zhi Chen Guo, nearly forty years ago. Master Guo was the spiritual father and mentor of my spiritual father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. In 2007 I learnt to bring out my soul language. Since then my life has changed completely. Let me lead you to take this life-transforming step which connects you with your own soul first and then with every soul you would like to connect with. It has tremendous spiritual power.

When spoken in Chinese, the sound of each number in 3396815 stimulates cellular vibration in a specific area of the body. Chanting 3396815 repeatedly causes energy to flow continuously through the main organs and systems of the body. The pattern of this flow promotes energy and healing in a powerful way.
  • 33 (pronounce sahn sahn) stimulates the chest and lungs. Energy flow starts at the chest area. 
  • 9 (pronounced jeo) stimulates the lower abdomen. Energy flows down to the lower abdomen. 
  • 6 (pronounced leo) stimulates the sides and ribs. Energy goes up to the rib area on both sides. 
  • 8 (pronounced bah) stimulates the navel area. Energy flows down to the navel area. 
  • 1 (pronounced yow) stimulates the head and neck. Energy flows up to the neck and head. 
  • 5 (pronounced woo) stimulates the stomach area. Energy flows down to the stomach area. 

The significance and power of the divine sacred code 3396815 are:

  • To open and develop the four major spiritual channels, which are the Soul Language Channel, Direct Soul Communication Channel, Third Eye Channel, and Divine Direct Knowing Channel (highly-developed intuition) 
  • To develop soul, heart, and mind intelligence 
  • To purify and rejuvenate soul, heart, mind, and body 
  • To remove soul mind body blockages for healing and transforming all life, including health, relationships, finances, intelligence, children, and every aspect of life; 
This is the basis knowledge about soul language! Bringing out my soul language was the most amazing experience in the early days with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. A whole new dimension of wisdom, knowledge and sacred communication opened up for me. This blog will show you the diversity of soul communication and how to create soul healing miracles with soul communication in your daily life.

This is a video when my spiritual father, Master Sha, taught soul language in Germany and I had the honor to translate him live on stage:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

What is Soul Communication? - A Short Introduction to Profound Healing, Blessings and Guidance Part 2

I am very excited to work with you on the Direct Soul Communication Channel today. So what is Direct Soul Communication? Direct soul communication is a soul-to-soul connection with all layers of the soul world you want to connect with, to receive higher wisdom and guidance for your physical and spiritual life.

The soul world is full of the highest saints. These saints are powerful unconditional universal servants. They are always delighted to guide us and serve us. The message center is the soul communication center transmitting messages to various sensory organs of our body: We can receive/perceive messages through our ears perceiving words, sentences and in-depth teachings and guidance (clairaudience), through our eyes receiving images (clairvoyance) and/or through emotions the message center – the center of our emotions (clairsentience).

The message center, is one of our 5 energy centers. It is in the middle of our chest and is the physical and spiritual connection to allow soul communication to happen and to develop.

Practice to develop direct communication with a soul you may hear words, like having a conversation. You may open your mouth and words will just “flow” out. You are “borrowing the mouth.” You are not using your mind. You are simply a vehicle to speak the information and messages that are coming to you and through you. This is also called direct flow. Some people actually see the words they are receiving.

Through soul communication you can receive direct teaching from the Divine and guidance from the highest saints. To develop your soul communication abilities is a priceless opportunity and blessing every day. The transformation you can receive is profound—beyond words, thought, imagination and comprehension.
Soul communication includes messages through direct soul communication from the Soul World and blessings for aspects of your life. But you can also offer messages and blessings with your soul’s power using soul communication.

Now let's practice with Master Sha and receive blessings to help us develop our Five Energy Center.

Friday, October 18, 2013

What is Soul Communication? - A Short Introduction to Profound Healing, Blessings and Guidance - Part 1

Soul communication is the direct exchange of messages and/or blessings between souls. The messages come through our Message Center (in the middle of the chest, behind the sternum). It is our soul communication center which receives, translates and sends the message to the brain to be converted into human language or a Third Eye image or an intuitive knowing. To understand one another, souls use soul language, which is the universal language used by all souls. Although soul language is very individual all other souls are able to understand its message!

When we receive a message from a soul or the Soul World, we can feel, hear or see the message. The more you practice soul communication the more essence you receive from a single message.
Souls are communicating through

  1. The Soul Language Channel
  2. The Direct Soul Communication Channel
  3. The Third Eye Channel
  4. The Direct Knowing Channel

What is the Soul Language Channel?  The Soul Language Channel is the path for your Soul Language to flow out. Opening this channel is vital to open the other three spiritual channels.
Why does a person need to open the soul language channel? To open the Soul Language Channel is to bring out your soul language. Bringing out your soul language has many benefits. Soul Language carries your own sacred soul healing power.

  • Soul Language carries soul frequency and soul vibration which can transform the frequency and vibration of your mind and body. 
  • Soul Language carries Soul Love that melts all blockages and transforms all life
  • Soul Language carries Soul Forgiveness that brings inner joy and inner peace
  • Soul Language carries Soul Compassion thats boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity of all life
  • Soul Language carries Soul Light that heals prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates the soul, heart, mind, and body and transforms relationships, finances and every aspect of life
Here is a video of Master Sha teaching us how to bring out the Soul Language! When Master Sha taught this wisdom I was fortunate to be on stage translating for Master Sha and the healing frequency and vibration of this teaching was simply amazing. 

The only way to know if a pear is sweet is to taste! So lets watch the video.

I look forward to moving ahead on our soul communication journey in my next blog which will be on Direct Soul Communication Channel. See you soon!