Thursday, October 31, 2013

What is Soul Communication? - A Short Introduction to Profound Healing, Blessings and Guidance Part 2

I am very excited to work with you on the Direct Soul Communication Channel today. So what is Direct Soul Communication? Direct soul communication is a soul-to-soul connection with all layers of the soul world you want to connect with, to receive higher wisdom and guidance for your physical and spiritual life.

The soul world is full of the highest saints. These saints are powerful unconditional universal servants. They are always delighted to guide us and serve us. The message center is the soul communication center transmitting messages to various sensory organs of our body: We can receive/perceive messages through our ears perceiving words, sentences and in-depth teachings and guidance (clairaudience), through our eyes receiving images (clairvoyance) and/or through emotions the message center – the center of our emotions (clairsentience).

The message center, is one of our 5 energy centers. It is in the middle of our chest and is the physical and spiritual connection to allow soul communication to happen and to develop.

Practice to develop direct communication with a soul you may hear words, like having a conversation. You may open your mouth and words will just “flow” out. You are “borrowing the mouth.” You are not using your mind. You are simply a vehicle to speak the information and messages that are coming to you and through you. This is also called direct flow. Some people actually see the words they are receiving.

Through soul communication you can receive direct teaching from the Divine and guidance from the highest saints. To develop your soul communication abilities is a priceless opportunity and blessing every day. The transformation you can receive is profound—beyond words, thought, imagination and comprehension.
Soul communication includes messages through direct soul communication from the Soul World and blessings for aspects of your life. But you can also offer messages and blessings with your soul’s power using soul communication.

Now let's practice with Master Sha and receive blessings to help us develop our Five Energy Center.

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