Monday, January 20, 2014

Bring Out Your Soul Language With 3396815

What is soul language?

Soul language is the very specific language of our soul. Our soul has reincarnated for hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. Soul language carries the highest frequency and vibration of a soul. It also carries the soul healing powers of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. It is a universal language that allows all souls to communicate with each other.

Why do we benefit from soul language?

Soul language offers us the highest wisdom our soul has acquired over all of these lifetimes. Our soul wisdom and knowledge remain largely hidden. Soul language gives us access to our own soul intelligence and soul healing power

How do we bring out our soul language?

We apply a divine sacred code – 3396815 – which was given by the Divine to Dr. and Master Zhi Chen Guo, nearly forty years ago. Master Guo was the spiritual father and mentor of my spiritual father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. In 2007 I learnt to bring out my soul language. Since then my life has changed completely. Let me lead you to take this life-transforming step which connects you with your own soul first and then with every soul you would like to connect with. It has tremendous spiritual power.

When spoken in Chinese, the sound of each number in 3396815 stimulates cellular vibration in a specific area of the body. Chanting 3396815 repeatedly causes energy to flow continuously through the main organs and systems of the body. The pattern of this flow promotes energy and healing in a powerful way.
  • 33 (pronounce sahn sahn) stimulates the chest and lungs. Energy flow starts at the chest area. 
  • 9 (pronounced jeo) stimulates the lower abdomen. Energy flows down to the lower abdomen. 
  • 6 (pronounced leo) stimulates the sides and ribs. Energy goes up to the rib area on both sides. 
  • 8 (pronounced bah) stimulates the navel area. Energy flows down to the navel area. 
  • 1 (pronounced yow) stimulates the head and neck. Energy flows up to the neck and head. 
  • 5 (pronounced woo) stimulates the stomach area. Energy flows down to the stomach area. 

The significance and power of the divine sacred code 3396815 are:

  • To open and develop the four major spiritual channels, which are the Soul Language Channel, Direct Soul Communication Channel, Third Eye Channel, and Divine Direct Knowing Channel (highly-developed intuition) 
  • To develop soul, heart, and mind intelligence 
  • To purify and rejuvenate soul, heart, mind, and body 
  • To remove soul mind body blockages for healing and transforming all life, including health, relationships, finances, intelligence, children, and every aspect of life; 
This is the basis knowledge about soul language! Bringing out my soul language was the most amazing experience in the early days with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. A whole new dimension of wisdom, knowledge and sacred communication opened up for me. This blog will show you the diversity of soul communication and how to create soul healing miracles with soul communication in your daily life.

This is a video when my spiritual father, Master Sha, taught soul language in Germany and I had the honor to translate him live on stage:

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